Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Awesome! We won a game against a level 9 team that is 7th on the ladder! They disputed though :/ they lost the first game due to being shorthanded in the first game on their host. Then they won demolition but we won the last game of CTF. They said that they were going to "flood our ips" to make us drop host on the last game lol. So desperate to get the win. Ill be editing this post with videos of proof so we get the win. Some people :P.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Woohoo hardcore.

Won two games of hardcore today, last game we were losing 3-0 final game and we came back and won 4-3. So funny lol. We are now 5-0 on our HC team. And 0-5 on our regular xD don't know why that is but oh well :P. Should have some videos up soon but until then heres hindindigler's montage lol not the best but oh well! Some Modern Warfare in there too.

New Blog!

In this blog I will be posting videos of our Game Battles teams, some gameplay, and stuff like that :P I dont really know but we'll see! Basically anything MW2 related. We play gamebattles for fun not very seriously It's just more fun than matchmaking where everyone noobtubes and knifes xD.

Here are links to my teams! If you want to play us leave a comment and I'm sure we could play a game sometime.

Hardcore (3v3)
Regular (3v3)

(Two scoops of asskick)

I hope you enjoy the blog!